What is Thrive! Life

Thrive! Life is a service which provides farm fresh food which has been freeze dried for shelf stable storage for those times of personal and economic instability.

It isn’t just wheat, beans, rice and oats but flavorful roasted chicken, beef chunks, sweet cherries, tart Granny Smith apples and all the fresh veggies you could hope to have in the dead of winter. Each item is sold in two sizes, pantry and family. If you are a single consumer (like me) or a family of 25 both cans can work for you. I use the pantry cans for everyday and store the family sized for times of emergency. Once a can is open it is viable for about a year when stored correctly.

Thrive! Life also provides a system for storing and rotating food so nothing is ever wasted. Their shelving system is a simple solution which will allow you to integrate your Thrive! Life, groceries and other storage in a compact and functional system. Read more of Shelf Reliance here.

Who Am I

I am not a hard-core prepper, I am just trying to provide a way for me and my family to store healthy food for times of trouble. (Pandemics. Supply chain issues. Stupid politicians). So I became a Thrive! Life Consultant.

I am not the kind of consultant who throws parties, who will turn every conversation into an opportunity to sell more and more product. That is why I have created this site.

If you want to put in storage of a variety of healthy shelf-stable food without being pestered to have a party, or sweat your friends to have a party, then this is your non-party place to order.

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