I am Pamela Gartner

Welcome to my writing home page


Work in Progress

The major project I am working on is the editing, and possibly volumizing a Gothic genealogy tale of a woman finding herself through the hearts and stories of her mothers. My other project is the first draft (the funnest draft) of a young adult tale of true nobility, magic and dragons.


Journaling has been my skiff made of memories, thoughts, ideas and trauma, but the sails are always filled with hope. This 40+ year practice has seen me through abuse, depression, anxiety, as well as rally my courage, galvanize my faith and help me build me, who I am today, from the wreckage. I have started a blog A JOURNALERS JOURNEY to aid, inspire and encourage people to pick up a pen in their own defense and fight for their own authentic self.

Completed Projects

I have a current manuscript in search of a publishing home. It is about missionaries trying to return a forgotten soldier home no matter the consequences to them. The premise was based on the question of whether or not we as His children can do anything in our lives to not be allowed Home again. Read CHAPTER 1 and tell me your thoughts.




THRIVE! With Pamela